Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lagos Disco Inferno re-egnites with full force!

And here's the newest release in the Lagos Disco Inferno 12" series: Check out sound clips at Honest Jons Another Superheavy Maxi Single that comes with the signature deluxe packaging of this series: Full color company sleeve plus the above pictured fold-out 12"x24" poster. The grooves were cut super wide and extra deep for maximum impact and the remastering was done at Abbey Road Studios. Need I say more?

Eno Louis (the spelling on the poster is missing the "s", an error made by whoever put together the original record cover -we decided to keep it like it is) today Eno lives in his home town Benin City and is still very much active in the local music scene. In the mid 1970s he lived at Fela's Kalakuta Republic and after the Army assault on the compound he fled to the US for a couple of years. After returning to Nigeria, Eno became one of the big players in the Disco Funk scene and recorded and played with Pogo Ltd, Amas Grill, Chris Okotie, Oby Onyioha, Chris Mba, Dizzy K Falola, Harry Mosco, Pat Finn and the Super Elcados just to name a few. At the same time he also remained deeply rooted in traditional Edo music and played with Benin City Highlife powerhouse The Talents Of Benin. It is the Edo Funk influence that makes "Move" such a special track to me. You better believe, just like every single other release in this 12" Disco Maxi series this one never fails to ignite the dance floor as the trainspotters hurry to the dj booth to find out just what in the hell that ridiculously heavy beat is coming from.

To celebrate the Lagos Disco Inferno 12"series I came up with a brand new t-shirt design. Get them over at my Dizzyjam store

Only a couple of years after recording "Float", one of the most acclaimed Nigerian Psych Rock albums, Tirogo put out "Aiyé People", a Disco Funk record that is just as unusual and musically brilliant as it is unattainably rare. You might remember one track from this album, "Dancing Machine" from the Lagos Disco Inferno double album.

This Maxi Single features two more standout tracks from "Aiyé People":
The fittingly titled "Disco Maniac" (because he's disco crazy, absolutely crazy crazy) is loaded chock-full with bubbling moog, blistering horns and even a flute solo, all conspiring to "blow your soul on fire". On the flipside "We Like To Party" elaborates on how " feels so funky yeah playing in a disco band..." and delivers some truly cosmic synth workouts laid out over a manic groove that will softly sink its fangs into your flesh and infect you with a severe case of tropical, Nigerian disco fever.

Purchase from your trusted local dealer or order online from Honest Jons where you can also listen to sound clips from both tunes.

And while you're at it, don't forget to also secure yourself a copy of this fine record: This was the first in a series of five Nigerian Disco 12"s to be released on my very own Voodoo Funk imprint.

Exclusively distributed by Honest Jon's these will all be available at your local record store but you can also listen to sound clips and order online here.

Tony Grey usually gets mostly credited for his killer early Afro Rock Lps and 45s but I've seen these two disco bangers set dancefloors ablaze in Brooklyn, LA, Berlin, Finland, Belgium and South Easy Asia so consider both tracks to be a sure shot to get crowds go crazy at any club or house party.

This Maxi comes in a red hot company sleeve, accompanied by a sexy 12"x24" poster to slap on your wall. We had the posters folded and packed in front of the record so this is what this baby will look like from the backside:


Pablo said...

Just ordered my copy. Definitely waiting for the 4 following re-issues!

Cheers from France

Brian said...

Just put in my order as well. Love what voodoo funk is doing. Peace from Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

nice one frank! thanks...
what about the freedom family and pat thomas introduces marihata releases? have you canelled them?

Frank said...

The Freedom Family will be out in August. The covers and booklets were already printed months ago and then the pressing plant closed down and we had to go to another place.

The 2nd Marijata is also still coming plus another release in the 45s series and a bunch of other stuff...

Anonymous said...


I´ve just received my copy! Wonderful. Thank you for what you are doing. PAZ desde España.

Now searching Michael Boothman ‎– Touch... I need it.