Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cutlass Dance Band and Los Issifu 45s out now!

One of the rarest and most desirable Ghanaian 45s and definitely the heaviest two funk tracks ever to be recorded by The Cutlass Dance Band. As with all of our 45s, this record was licensed directly from the artists.

And here are two stone cold Afro Funk bangers by Los Issifu and his Moslems. Directly licensed from the man himself and we are also in the process of tracking down the tapes for two so far unreleased albums by Los Issifu!

These sound files are not remastered recordings, the finished 45 will sound crisp, clean and heavy.

Get them at Academy's online store
Each 45 in this series is limited to 1.000 copies.


Anonymous said...

Frank - will these be up on Itunes or Amazon for those of us who are LP-challenged? These tracks are ridiculous!

Frank said...

Yes, just like all the previously released 45s in this series all tracks will be available for digital download at Amazon and most of the other usual places.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a re-iasue of Might Flames (Metalik Funk). They are just too good to be missed out

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank do you know where I can get all of your 45" series in USA, California especially ?

Many thanks for your answer


Frank said...

Hey Jeff, I will put up links to Academy's web store as soon as these two are available. We're expecting them to get here any week now. Some of the older 45s are still available here:

I don't have anything to do with the distribution and I have no idea in which stores they will end up in but I guess most record stores who carry African reissues would have these. I'll ask at Academy if they have a list of CA stores.

Modou said...

Dear Frank,

Wonderfull, thanks a lot. I recently discovered your blog and have since bought almost every single reissue lp that you worked on. All fantastic music and I'm very happy these albums are saved, re-released to a new generation and available again for the lovers of african music who can't pay for the original pressings on auction sites. A small taste of this music made me want more and I started reading and researching as much as I could about 60's and 70's music in Western Africa. An album I would really love to discover is "Psychedelic man" by De Frank and his professionals. Any plans for a reissue? Thanks in advance.

Armand de Preseau said...

Hi Frank,

Why don't you reissue the whole Los Issufu LP instead of an extract with this 7', to preserve the original format, especially if you licensed it ?

Any chance of reissue ? More, have you ever though of reissue the other sjob LP (love affair) or the second black hippies LP (the yellow one, out on NEMI ?) A kiler LP, better than the Pazy ones !!! If you had the chance you should reissue them, that wont be difficult because other LP's of these bands have already been reissued and fully licenced !

Best regards,

Armand ///

Frank said...

Hi Modou,

there are a few things by De Frank that I would love to reissue but so far I was not able to find this man. As a rule we have completely discontinued making licensing deals with the former labels and only sign directly with the artists so if the artist or his/her family can't be found, no deal can be made.

Frank said...

Hi Armand, I decided to license only the two tracks from the Los Issifu Lp that I feel are the strongest ones. It's a great Lp but the number of Lps I can put out are limited so I want to stick with what I consider super strong albums throughout.

The First Black Hippies Lp you are mentioning has already be signed by us and it will come out maybe later this year or early next year and I agree that it is in a hwole other league than the second one that's already been reissued.

Armand de Preseau said...


thanks for replying and for these clarifications !!
Thanks a lot for your great work,

Big support and respect from Paris, France


Modou said...

Thanks for the quick reply Frank. Indeed I understand the policy of working directly with the artists. It's probably a worldwide phenomenon that musicians always get squeezed out by their managers or labels. Still It's sad how some truly great artists can fall into oblivion and be forgotten so easily... let's just hope you find him or any of his relatives sometime. Anyway, looking forward to the other Marijata release! Keep up the great work. Greetings from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

HI Frank, don't you want to reissue Nana Love disco documentary and Aleke Kanonu please !!! :)))



Stef said...

Hey Frank,
you´re serving us heavy stuff on our plates again, thanks!!
Are these 7" already in stores cause none of my favourite Berlin dealers have them listed...
And do you still intend to re-release the Pat Thomas & Marijata LP, as mentioned last year?
Best wishes to you. Ciao

Frank said...

Hey Stef,

these would have shipped weeks ago but our manufacturer went belly-up so we had to re-order them from somewhere else. They will ship on September first. I'll also post up a link for Academy Lps online store as soon as they become available.

Pat Thomas introduces Marijata is definitely still going to come. I've just been too busy with a bunch of other releases as you will soon find out...



Stef said...

Cheers Frank! Looking forward, ears wide open.

Academy Lps said...

Mike From Academy Lps here. I just wanted to say that there is a slight delay with these because the machine at the pressing plant that punches out the large hole is broken and I didn't want to send these out with a small Lp size hole. Silly, I know, but I like to get things just right.

They are all pressed up and sound great.The covers look and feel amazing. They should be ready by late Sept.

Thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

Los Isifu & His Moslems... goddamn... so nice. These tracks rock for shure. Since the first seconds this hits you into the face. A groove to remember... a groove that kills! -powa from Belgium-

El Guapo said...

I'm just checking in once more regarding the Ctlass Dance Band and Los Isifu & His Moslems 7"s? Still Delayed? I'm really looking forward to these.



Frank said...

Hi Aram, no these have been out for a while now but Academy haven't posted them on their online store because the person who's updating it has been on vacation. They should be up for order within a couple of days though. Don't worry there are still enough copies left. Due to Academy's main store and office having just gone through a major move, a lot of shipments to various distributors have also been delayed so it's possible a lot of stores haven't yet got them.

Tim said...

Weren't some of these tracks comped recently? I'm used to your 45 release being all new and unknown stuff?

Frank said...

I actually don't really follow other people's reissues or comps. All I can say is that we licensed all 4 tracks in 2013, directly from the artists and none of them have signed any of these songs to anybody else.

This goes to show that sometimes "fully licensed" just means "full of shit"...

Few things are what they appear to be and in the music business this is even more true than usual.

Anonymous said...

Some time ago i heard of a re-release of the Best of the Pat Thomas songs on one or even two 33vinyls. Is this still in progress or did i miss it??

Best Wishes from Austria

Frank said...

Hi Edmund, I know... these releases are long overdue. They're definitely on my agenda for 2014.

Thanks for your support,


Anonymous said...

just purchased Cutlass Dance Band at Acadmy records but can't find LOS ISSIFU & HIS MOSLEMSI - anywhere….can you direct me of who may be selling it in th USA?
Thanks for digging!

Frank said...

Thanks for your support! The Los Issifu had a pressing fault so we had to re-call all copies and have them re-pressed. Due to Record Store Day the plant was swamped with other jobs so it'll probably be another month or perhaps even two until the new copies will get distributed.

Sorry for that,


Mau said...

Hola Frank,

Been picking up your reissues from the beginning and just wondering, is that second Marijata ever going to be released? Think it's been about five years now. I almost forgot about it. I'm sure there are plenty of labels who would love to help you get that out.


Funky Trev said...

Hey Frank - Congratulations on the superb BBC article. Recognition from the establishment !! You are really doing great things for African music fella. I've shared the article on facebook of course.

Frank said...

Hey Trev, many thanks for the support!

Dear Mau,

we're definitely still going to put out the Marijata album. Reason for the delay was a bunch of more time sensitive releases and then Academy had to move their flagship store to a new location which was a huge undertaking and demanded the owner's full and total attention... it's all well and settled now and on we move.

John said...

So you are saying that the Analog Africa compilation that includes tracks from both these 45s is not properly licensed? Sorry for being so curious.

Frank said...

John, all I can say is that we licensed these tracks directly from the artists who never were approached by AA. I have interviewed several West African artists whose music was re-issued by this label and who were highly surprised when confronted with the fact that their music was being sold worldwide without them knowing about it or making a single penny.

Especially in a business as notoriously corrupt as the music industry, a cleverly manufactured air of legitimacy quite often is not much more than just that: Hot air.



kofi nantwi said...

Will there be reprints of the Psychedelic Aliens album? People are asking for the 'moon' for the copies they are selling. Any chance for reprints?

Frank said...

Maybe... we were thinking of perhaps re-pressing the 45s which originally came in the box set and selling them individually.

Matt W said...

Great stuff Frank. Have picked up all of these are am thoroughly enjoying listening.

I thought I had heard Idarga Bidi before and then it hit me, the riff is almost identical to Cymande - Brothers on the slide!

Thanks for your hard work reissuing all these great records.